King Of The Hill Changelogs


King Of The Hill Changelogs

A quick summary of all the changes throughout different versions of KOTH mission.

Changes in V14

[NEW] New AO location on Altis - Paros
[NEW] Spawn vehicles and associated rewards, look at map board at base to teleport
[NEW] Ability to change vehicle skins, from normal camouflages to custom textures and custom color picker, available to level 50 players and VIPs
[NEW] Red CSAT beret for OPFOR officers if you own Apex DLC
[NEW] Randomly colored underbarrel smoke grenades
[NEW] Holding spacebar in free fall will force open the parachute
[NEW] Server side option to make buildings invincible or take more damager before they are destroyed.
[NEW] Server side option to speed up or slow down AO score tick rate, also scales AO rewards
[NEW] Server side option to customize aircraft loadouts on each server
[NEW] Server side option to enable data link between vehicles
[NEW] Server side option to randomize spawns so no team has constant spawn location advantage
[NEW] Servers now can display short server name in bottom right on HUD

[CHANGE] UI changes - fist represents how much control side has in the AO, flag shows if spawn vehicle is inside AO
[CHANGE] EOD skin has same speed penalty as other heavy armored skins, also unavailable in infantry-only version
[CHANGE] Navid and SPMG no longer have supressors to nerf them
[CHANGE] 6 smokes for vehicles with smoke launcher

[FIX] Fixed map tower icons between all versions
[FIX] Fixed Safe Zone text on the map
[FIX] Sound is no longer distorted when watching high moving vehicle through revive camera
[FIX] Fixed UI flag highlight when a team gets a score point
[FIX] Fixed a bug where changing sides still highlighted your old vehicles on the map for you

Changes in V13

[NEW] New scoreboard
[NEW] Field repair reward. When you repair vehicle outside of safezone you get small XP reward, if vehicle was under enemy fire you get money reward proportional to vehicle cost.
[NEW] Level up notification text

[CHANGE] Manual fire is disabled due to locking exploits
[CHANGE] Jets loadouts rebalanced
[CHANGE] Vehicles prices are rebalanced, generally much lower now
[CHANGE] Ghosthawk and Huron (Armed) prices for infantry-only mission version were increased
[CHANGE] Co-pilots now can use repair sites too
[CHANGE] Player number requirement for vehicles now uses maximum number of players that were in the game this round instead of current number of players
[CHANGE] If vehicle gunner gets an assist instead of kill, other crew memebers also get assists now
[CHANGE] Pawnee no longer has drawn crosshair on windshield if crosshair is enabled in difficulty settings on the server
[CHANGE] Vorona ATGM is back in Loadout menu but with HE rockets instead
[CHANGE] Objective score rewards and priority area bonus are reduced to 50 xp and $50
[CHANGE] High armored Specop gear sets are no longer available on infantry-only versions of the mission

[FIX] Top down guided missile and bomb attacks should now be countered by vehicle smokes
[FIX] Maximum count and threshold vehicle count checks are now done on the server, preventing exploits that let you exceed these limits
[FIX] Locking onto laser target is no longer required for lasing player to get an assist, simply lasing nearby is enough. However, if enemy was already damaged by player, their further damage to them will not grant you an assist, only first damage from this player counts.
[FIX] Shooting missiles and then crashing your jet to get refund is no longer possible
[FIX] Killstreak no longer counts vehicle kills
[FIX] Fixed missing image error popup in Loadout menu
[FIX] Fixed some weapons not being loaded right away

Changes in V12

[NEW] New countermeasures behavior. Dropped flares deflect incoming missiles into the ground, single flare drop lasts for 3 seconds, burst for around 9 seconds. If a missile is launched at you from your front (90' cone) while you’re flying over ~50kmh, no protection applies.
[NEW] New priority area objective inside the main objective, each player inside it counts as “two” towards the score
[NEW] UI re-done to show the exact number of team control over the objective
[NEW] Hunter now has smoke screens like other MRAPs for balance purposes
[NEW] Press Shift+F2 to quickly set view distance to just 300 meters for FPS boost
[NEW] View distance and other mission settings now save between games
[NEW] Bipod perk is back, all weapons get properly colored bipods where applicable
[NEW] Option for server hosts, to disable in-game VON for all but group leaders. (Side and Global chat only).
[NEW] If you NEVER switch to third person view during a game, you will receive up to 50% more end-game bonus!

[CHANGE] Since countermeasures are much more effective, all aircraft only get 60 now
[CHANGE] Repairing on repair site instantly makes you “safe zone invulnerable”
[CHANGE] Disabled thermals on VTOL aircraft
[CHANGE] Number of AA missiles reduced to 4 on AA ground vehicles
[CHANGE] Jets loadouts and prices rebalanced, air-ground missiles brought back, cluster bombs added
[CHANGE] Ground vehicles and helicopter prices rebalanced and decreased
[CHANGE] Reward calculation function curve adjusted, rewards for high-cost vehicles increased
[CHANGE] Ground vehicles get 6 smoke screens instead of 4, MRAPs get just 2
[CHANGE] AA missile damage to jets vehicles have been halved
[CHANGE] Fighter jets have now more cannon ammo
[CHANGE] PCML has more missiles, 2 normally and 3 with AMMO perk
[CHANGE] Being in buffer safe zone (not in base or repair site) for 5 minutes now disables your invulnerability
[CHANGE] Revive reward timeout is now 3 minutes before you get an award again for reviving the same player

[FIX] Fixed an exploit that allowed players to look and shoot through the floor
[FIX] Xian FFAR control moved to pilot
[FIX] You’re no longer able to revive players through objects and floors, there is an actual check for obstacles between you and the body
[FIX] You’re no longer able to start reviving players and then enter a vehicle, this will cancel the revive action

Changes in V11

[NEW] Load-out menu picks attachment colours depending on the selected weapon colour, but only if you own the DLC — for that attachment, to avoid needless DLC notifications.
[NEW] Added DLC icons in the vehicles menu for vehicles that require the DLC — that you don’t own.

[CHANGE] Vorona ATGM is no longer permanently buyable and will be automatically refunded.
[CHANGE] Twice as less AT missiles for Qilin and Prowler.
[CHANGE] The Caesar BTT has been removed due to abuse and pretty much no usage as transport.
[CHANGE] If the time of the day is sped up, you get NVGs each respawn.
[CHANGE] Several price changes. Price changes from v10 to v11 can be found here:

[FIX] Fixed a bug that let you select perk-restricted appearances without the necessary perk enabled.

[Known Issue] BiPod Perk is still wip, and on our to do list.

Changes in V10

[NEW] Central database integration.
[NEW] New profile features - Longest kill, headshot, killstreak, earned rewards and destroyed vehicles.
[NEW] Players performing salute gesture will be put into your bought plane as gunners and passengers.
[NEW] Confirmation message when buying something permanently.
[NEW] Ability to remove weapons in loadout menu at base.
[NEW] [1944] Permanently bought weapons are now available on both sides.

Changes in V9.6

[NEW] Malden
[NEW] Jet count threshold, you can only buy jets if your side doesn't have more jets than the other sides.

[CHANGE] Shrika missiles changed to medium range and laser designator removed.

Changes in V9.5

[NEW] New Jet DLC content.

[CHANGE] Scripted fuel leak removed.
[CHANGE] OPFOR Specop has negative speed modifier like other Specop gear sets.

[FIX] CMR-76 had no suppressor after recent Arma 3 update.
[FIX] Repacking magazines without vest caused some magazines to disappear.

Changes in V9.4

[FIX] Leaving players were remaining in game as AI units since last Arma 3 update.
[FIX] Revive icons over incapacitated players in buildings were appearing at ground level.

Changes in V9.3

[FIX] Joining overpopulated team didn't do teambalance check.

Changes in V9.2

[NEW] Full potential end game bonus is displayed on spawn screen.

[CHANGE] VTOLs have thermal sights again.
[CHANGE] You can taxi and sell jets at repair site.
[CHANGE] Opening player menu by pressing tilde key once hides it from mousewheel action menu.
[CHANGE] View distances for everything but jets are limited back to 3km.
[CHANGE] AKM no longer gets additional mags because it is early available weapon unlike it was originally.

[FIX] BLUFOR specop gear set no longer always gives you backpack.
[FIX] Speed bonus no longer resets after getting revived.
[FIX] AP Titan was not considered as guided weapon.
[FIX] Friendly players backpacks can be opened again now.
[FIX] Fixed exploit allowing one First Aid Kit to be used infinite times.

Changes in V9.1

[NEW] Magazine repack button on inventory screen.
[NEW] Lightweight appearances affect your speed.
[NEW] Tanoa-specific uniforms colours.

[CHANGE] Appearances rebalanced between all 3 sides.

[FIX] VTOLs were using jet view distance limits instead of helicopter ones.
[FIX] VTOLs now leak fuel after getting hit with A.A.
[FIX] Weapons no longer disappear after revive for real this time (at least we think).
[FIX] Icons were not showing for 100 meters view distance.
[FIX] LIM-86 now gets suppressor with silencer perk is equipped.
[FIX] Vehicle Inventory can no longer be accessed anywhere.
[FIX] Vehicle Inventory radius decreased so players around vehicles can be looted.
[FIX] Other minor things

Changes in V9++

[NEW] New Apex update content.
[NEW] New Altis hill locations.
[NEW] 10 minutes delay between being able to buy jets.
[NEW] Abillity to sell your own vehicles or captured enemy vehicles at the repair site (except jets).
[NEW] Setting to enable rewards sounds only for kill rewards.
[NEW] Abillity to kick players out of your vehicles unless they are in cargo (passenger) positions.
[NEW] Distance bonues for kills over 500m.
[NEW] Bonus for killing a player that has killed 4 or more players in a streak.
[NEW] Damaged jets lose fuel.
[NEW] Unflip action to unflip stuck vehicles.

[CHANGE] Huge groups will also be autobalanced.

[FIX] Not all magazines were loaded into weapons when you received your loadout.
[FIX] Buying vehicles sometimes spawned it on top of other vehicles.

Changes in V9+

[NEW] New BIPOD perk which adds a bipod to your primary weapon if it can support it. Default bipods removed where possible.
[NEW] You can order a rescue boat when you're in deep water.
[NEW] Screen notifications show up when a new enemy jet enters the airspace if you're in a aircraft yourself.
[NEW] Custom version of King of the Hill where admins can disable or limit weapons, perks or vehicles.
[NEW] Mobile artillitery is now available to purchase in the vehicle menu.
[NEW] Added camera shake effect when taking damage in a vehicle.
[NEW] Vehicle destruction rewards now depend on the vehicles value.
[NEW] Added microphone icons over players on the map from Wasteland.
[NEW] Bunker towers are now marked on the map.
[NEW] Vehicle smoke screens now deter guided missiles.
[NEW] Lasing targets now rewards you a vehicle kill assists if the aircraft manages to destroy it. Works with handheld laser only.
[NEW] Active teambalance that will now move players from the most populated teams, after moving some compensation is rewarded. Only happens after respawn.
[NEW] COUNTERMEASURES perk automatically drops smoke incase of a incoming guided missile. Only works if you're in the commander seat.
[NEW] Laser designator target marker is now visible both in person and on the map.
[NEW] Reviving or tactically inserting players will now grant you assits for there kills.

[CHANGE] Safe zone activates now activates 10 seconds after entering it.

[FIX] Fixed revive icons in vehicles
[FIX] Fixed an issue where jets sometime spawned with no velocity.
[FIX] Fixed field repair sometimes not repairing all parts of the vehicle (such as the commanders turret).

Changes in V9

[NEW] Press F1 to mute sounds features from Wasteland.
[NEW] Buying jets gives you a pilot uniform.
[NEW] Marksman DLC support.
[NEW] New town to play in - Sofia.
[NEW] Healing other players rewards you with little XP and money (only once per their life)
[NEW] Black MX (and variants) becomes available if you permabuy default one.
[NEW] Huron and Taru DLC helicopter are now available for purchase (visible only if you have DLC bought).
[NEW] Kajman unguided rockets are now under pilots control while turret guided weapons remain for the gunner.
[NEW] Auto-flaring now happens only if you have countermeasures perk equipped.
[NEW] You get all earned money and xp throughout the round again if your team wins (saved between rejoins too).
[NEW] New safe zone system.
[NEW] Bought vehicles remain yours even after rejoin (including getting refund for them).

[CHANGE] All teams get end game bonus which is similar to what was victory bonus but it will be proportional to their team's final score.
[CHANGE] More smoke grenades and even more smoke grenades if you take medic perk.
[CHANGE] Revive icons are visible from all distances.
[CHANGE] Little bit more ammo for all primary weapons.
[CHANGE] Fatigue gain decreased twice.
[CHANGE] You are no longer allowed to eject from free helicopter pilot/copilot seats.
[CHANGE] Buzzard (AA) has less Anti-Air rockets.
[CHANGE] Repair time no longer depends on crew inside vehicle.
[CHANGE] Pawnee has flares again, cost increased.
[CHANGE] Guided launchers (Titans) no longer allowed in safe zone.
[CHANGE] IR grenades removed.

[FIX] Fixed bug where you sometimes didn't get any rockets/grenades for your launcher.
[FIX] Group reworked, invites uses less trafic and produce less lag (Ported from Wasteland).
[FIX] End game camera in Agios Dionysios now shows correct town.
[FIX] Fixed situation where vehicle cleanup deleted free helicopter mid-flight.
[FIX] Fixed cases where kill/assist wasn't awarded if vehicle was destroyed indirectly.
[FIX] Fixed a bug preventing respawn icon appearing over just killed players or appearing and instanttly disappearing.
[FIX] Change loadout character at the base now properly plays idle animation.

Changes in V8

[CHANGE] No more radio chatter.
[CHANGE] Night vision even during bright nights.
[CHANGE] Delivering players on ground gives reward proportional to number of enemies on objective.

[FIX] You can now open dead body inventories properly again.

Changes in V7

[NEW] Empty vehicles that get deleted by cleanup are considered as destroyed and players that damaged it get rewards.
[NEW] Players no longer allowed to join teams that has most number of players if this team has 3 players more than second most populated team.
[NEW] Bought alive vehicles get refunded on round end.
[NEW] Friendly grenades indicators.
[NEW] Armored vehicles crew gets warned when they are lased by AT Titan or PCML.
[NEW] Medic perk.
[NEW] Free truck now respawns.
[NEW] Now you can lockpick vehicles locked by the enemy.
[NEW] Unarmed Po-30 now has countermeasures.

[CHANGE] Appearances rebalanced, Specialists now have armored vests.
[CHANGE] AA Buzzard now has 6 AA rockets, costs more. Both Buzzards have twice as much 20mm ammo.
[CHANGE] Thermal scopes were removed. If you have them permanently bought they still remain so but are unaccesible for now.
[CHANGE] SMGs now have much more ammo.
[CHANGE] You are allowed to buy cheap vehicles each 1 minute instead of 3 minutes.
[CHANGE] Cleanup script ignores jets.
[CHANGE] Parachute landing improved, no more sliding.

[FIX] Fixed bug that sometimes deleted dead player right after their death.
[FIX] Vehicle crew list now works properly with stream safe option enabled.
[FIX] Fixed bug where crashing helicopter did not properly award vehicle kill to player that damaged the helicopter.
[FIX] MX SW now gets silencer with SILENCER perk.
[FIX] Independent revive icons now properly display on the map.
[FIX] Vertical scrollbars now scroll with adequate speed using mousewheel.
[FIX] HUD fixes for different resolutions.
[FIX] Eject now works again.
[FIX] AI no longer spawns at the island.

Changes in V6

[NEW] Jets.
[NEW] Shooting vehicles from safezone is no longer allowed.
[NEW] Auto kicking for global and side channel voice spam.

[CHANGE] Full vehicle service time now depends on vehicle.

[FIX] Vermin now has silencer when SLCR perk active.
[FIX] Newly bought vehicles no longer can be exploited for XP and Money.
[FIX] Leaving the game while your vehicle is locked now properly unlocks it.
[FIX] Getting kills with Hellcat properly awards kills to pilot, not co-pilot.
[FIX] Icons over players should now be more reliable.

Changes in V5

[NEW] Helicopters with flares automatically shoot flares on incoming missile.
[NEW] Notice about permanent buying of scopes in Loadout editor dialog.
[NEW] Map during revive to see if there are players nearby.
[NEW] GPS now displays player map markers.
[NEW] Reward for being revived at the objective.
[NEW] Resetting loadout to free one uses owned items if possible.

[CHANGE] Icons display distance is now relative to current view distance set in settings.

[FIX] Player revive is now more reliable and fallen teammates should be able to be revived in all cases.

Changes in V4

[NEW] Players get kicked for idling.

[CHANGE] PO-30 Orca no longer has guided DAGR rockets but unguided DAR instead.

[FIX] OPFOR Riflemans now have vest with proper armor value.

Changes in V3

[NEW] Players spawn with GPS.

[FIX] More cleanup fixes and adjustments.
[FIX] You can now lock and unlock owned vehicles while being inside.
[FIX] Ejecting from locked vehicles now works in all cases.
[FIX] Field repairing and full servicing correctly repairs main rotor.
[FIX] Prevented a cause for profile load failure.

Changes in V2

[NEW] Helicopter main rotor no longer should stop because of ejecting or bugged players nearby.

[CHANGE] Tactical insertion now awards more XP. You also now get award as pilot for paradropping other players over the objective.
[CHANGE] Prices rebalancing, most stuff is more expensive now.
[CHANGE] Repair site walls are much shorter now.
[CHANGE] Quads and Offroads are no longer free and cost a little bit of money.
[CHANGE] Bought vehicles spawn locked.

[FIX] Players in debug zone should no longer appear on the map.
[FIX] Fixed cleanup bugs and tweaked timings.
[FIX] Field repair now works for local vehicles.
[FIX] Players number counter should now be more stable.
[FIX] You no longer can revive enemies.