<!-- TITLE: Approved Hosts --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Would you like to host your own Official KOTH server? --> # Supported Hosts We currently support two Game Service Providers, where you can purchase your own KOTH server from. Approved Official Hosts: [![Gaming Deluxe](/uploads/392-x-72.jpg)](https://billing.gamingdeluxe.co.uk/aff.php?aff=227&pid=256&carttpl=slider) [![Initial Servers](/uploads/mlppcfy.png)](https://billing.initialservers.com/aff.php?aff=77&pid=35) Don't forget to apply discount code: **inchkoth** --- There are a few constraints (when hosting King of the Hill by Sa-Matra) please see below. ### You will NOT be allowed to do the following on the hosted platforms: • Edit the Mission or Server Addon. • Edit specific server.cfg values which protect you as well as us from people attempting to inject code. • Edit BattlEye Filters. These come with everything you already need. • You are not permitted to claim affiliation with us as an "officially partnered server". • Install any other server add-ons. --- ### You ARE allowed to do the following on the hosted platforms: • Edit your server name. • Edit the Town and day/night rotations. • Setup Reserved Slots via BEC (with the exception of RHS based missions and LEGACY missions) all information on BEC can be found on their website. (http://ibattle.org/). Ensure you comply with Bohemia Interactives monetisation policies first! • Edit the BEC config. • Stop/Start your server. • Kick/Ban People. • Enforce your own rules. Within reason. • Use our Global Bans File (This is now forced). • Lock your server, however, we strongly recommend that you don't as you require a minimum of ten people to gain points. • Edit your basic server config. • You can allow the sound mod JSRS via a bikey ask your host to apply this for you. This should be only done by your server host at your request. They should have this on file, they will not accept keys from yourself. --- Your server will also automatically appear on https://servers.armakoth.com, and all stats will be trackable via https://stats.armakoth.com. --- You are not allowed to falsely accuse members of the KOTH community of cheating without solid evidence. Leave anti level cheat methods to us, anyone found falsely banning people without clear information may see their agreement terminated with us or your GSP. We understand that we must let you run your own servers yourselves, however, please leave level cheating prevention to ourselves. --- **After purchase setup help can be found** [**here**](https://wiki.armakoth.com/rent-a-server/gaming-deluxe-control-panel-guide)**.**