Ban Appeal Information

How to work out if you're banned by us, and what to do if so.

As with all games, there are bans, this is to help protect us as well as you from potentially mischievous and malicious players.

A few things we may ban for.

  1. Cheating and or exploiting
  2. Trolling
  3. Overall distasteful behaviour

Please note, communities are free to enforce their own rules, and bans, however if when you join a server and you get returned to the lobby with a message such as "Admin Ban: ws12345", it is highly likely you're banned by us, meaning you've come to the right place.
If however, your ban message differs, you will need to lookup the community which runs that server, for a list of our partnered communites please checkout this page. If the community isn't listed here, we are unable to support your inquiry.

How to appeal a "ws" ban.

  1. Have your ban ID ready, e.g. "ws12345". If you do not know this please check out point #2.
  2. Have your Steam64ID to hand, if you don't know what this is it can be looked up on a site like this.
  3. Join our Discord.
  4. On the left locate the "Support" section, and then head on over to the #ban-appeals channel.
  5. Explain your situation, do not be rude, be sure to include the "ws" ban number or your "Steam64ID".
  6. Await a response from an admin, do not tag admins directly, unless they've first responded to you. Doing so may result in you being removed from Discord, and your appeal rejected.
  7. If the outcome is one that means your ban will not be removed, this decision is final. Please take this with grace and move on, do not attempt to make more than one appeal.

We share our bans across many communities within the Arma franchise, they themselves choose to opt into running these. They are not forced at all, with the exception of all official King of the Hill servers.