Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks

Zooming in and out bug

Purchase a vehicle and switch seats within it. E.g. purchase a quad bike and then get into the drivers seat, switch to the passenger seat and the problem should be solved.

Connection failed or taking a long time

Restart your router/modem and if a restart does not fix connection problems, close the game and look for: C:\Users...\AppData\Local\Arma 3\MPMissionsCache Delete the contents and try connecting to the server again.

"You were kicked off the game"

Not to be confused with the BE bug - the best solution to this is to try verifying your game files via Steam.

Tactical Insertions Rewards

When you drop off your teammates you get rewarded based on how many enemies are inside the zone.
You get a minimum of $50 per person you drop off.
You get a maximum of $100 per person you drop off outside the zone.
You get a maximum of $150 per person you drop off inside the zone.

Reward is calculated in increments of 10.
Enemies in zone * $5 = Reward