A quick summary of every perk and its purpose

How to unlock Perk Slots

Perk slots don't have a level requirement, you will permanently unlock them for $10000 and $100000 respectively.
Click on the slot in the bottom right corner.

DCNT (Discount) Perk - Level 1

Reduces the price of your rented loadout by 50% after respawn.

AMMO (Ammunition) Perk - Level 1

Gives you twice the ammo for your primary and secondary weapon. See (

ENGR (Engineer) Perk - Level 1

Allows you to repair any friendly or empty vehicle on the battlefield to a working condition.

MEDC (Medic) Perk - Level 3

You receive five medkits instead of two and revive downed teammates twice as fast. Reviving and healing gives you bonus money and experience.

LNCR (Launcher) Perk - Level 5

Grants access to Anti-Tank, Anti-Air and Anti-Personnel launchers.

MRKS (Marksman) Perk - Level 7

Grants access to sniper rifles, DMRs, long range scopes and ghillie suits. Your binoculars are replaced by a rangefinder.

MGNR (Machinegunner) Perk - Level 9

Grants access to machineguns.

EXPL (Explosives) Perk - Level 11

Adds an underbarrel grenade launcher to your primary weapon if compatible - if combined with the AMMO perk you get additional underbarrel grenades.
Also doubles your handgrenades, smokegrenades and adds a satchel charge plus additional rockets for your launcher. See (

FTGE (Indefatigable) Perk - Level 13

Quicker stamina regeneration.

CSMR (Countermeasures) Perk - Level 15

Automatically deploy countermeasures in a vehicle if being fired upon by a lock-on missile. In ground vehicles you have to be in the commander seat.

DSNR (Designator) Perk - Level 18

Replaces your binoculars by a laser designator with built-in thermal and night vision.

SLCR (Silencer) Perk - Level 20

Adds a silencer to both your primary and secondary weapon if compatible.

BPOD (Bipod) Perk - Level 23

Adds a bipod to your primary weapon if compatible.