A quick summary of every perk and its purpose

How to unlock Perk Slots

You can have up to 3 Perk slots, they don't have a level requirement, the first one is free and unlocked from the start. You will permanently unlock the two others for $10000 and $100000 respectively.
They can be bought and changed using the "Change Perk" menu at spawn. You can check what perk you have currently equipped at all times, they are displayed on the bottom right side of your screen.

DCNT (Discount) Perk - Level 1

Reduces the price of your rented loadout by 50% after respawn.

AMMO (Ammunition) Perk - Level 1

Gives you twice the ammo for your primary and secondary weapon. See (

ENGR (Engineer) Perk - Level 1

Allows you to repair any friendly or empty vehicle on the battlefield to a working condition.

MEDC (Medic) Perk - Level 3

You receive five medkits instead of two and revive downed teammates twice as fast. Reviving and healing gives you bonus money and experience.

LNCR (Launcher) Perk - Level 5

Grants access to Anti-Tank, Anti-Air and Anti-Personnel launchers.

MRKS (Marksman) Perk - Level 7

Grants access to sniper rifles, DMRs, long range scopes and ghillie suits. Your binoculars are replaced by a rangefinder.

MGNR (Machinegunner) Perk - Level 9

Grants access to machineguns.

EXPL (Explosives) Perk - Level 11

Adds an underbarrel grenade launcher to your primary weapon if compatible - if combined with the AMMO perk you get additional underbarrel grenades.
Also doubles your handgrenades, smokegrenades and adds a satchel charge plus additional rockets for your launcher. See (

FTGE (Indefatigable) Perk - Level 13

Quicker stamina regeneration.

CSMR (Countermeasures) Perk - Level 15

Automatically deploy countermeasures in a vehicle if being fired upon by a lock-on missile. In ground vehicles you have to be in the commander seat.

DSNR (Designator) Perk - Level 18

Replaces your binoculars by a laser designator with built-in thermal and night vision.

SLCR (Silencer) Perk - Level 20

Adds a silencer to both your primary and secondary weapon if compatible.

BPOD (Bipod) Perk - Level 23

Adds a bipod to your primary weapon if compatible.