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Supported Mods

Russian Federation, Serbian, United States, and independent fictional forces brought to Arma 3 in full glory! Dozens of vehicles of every variety, units and weapons, all modeled and textured to the finest details and packed with features.
The mod contains a a large array of content representing almost all branches of the Russian Federation, Serbian and United States military.

RHS Download

1944 Ironfront
Set in World War II Eastern Front built by AWAR - a group of former OFP and Arma modders. It was released mid 2012 as a standalone game using the Real Virtuality 3 engine also powering Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead.
The highlights:

  • Five outstanding terrains of various sizes.
  • A large variety of very high quality and historically accurate units, weapons and vehicles.
  • A German and Russian singleplayer campaign across eight missions in an authentic setting.
  • Advanced gameplay features such as high level tank simulation, gun towing, artillery system and a realistic mine system.
  • Great gameplay within a low tech World War 2 setting.

1944 Ironfront Download

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